Things to Look For When Choosing a Daily Mouthwash

  • Does it have an Alkaline pH?
  • Is it Alcohol Free?
  • Does it have a Low Staining Capacity?

When choosing a daily mouthwash you want to look for 3 things.  You want to make sure that your daily rinse is Alcohol free, has an Alkaline pH (decay starts between 5.5-5.2), and that it has a minimal staining effect.

Unfortunately many mouthwashes have a very HIGH Alcohol content of around 20%.  This alcohol can have a drying effect on the mouth as it breaks down the mucus-like coating that helps to keep our mouth moist and wet.  In time these mouthwashes can lead to sloughing of the tissues, chemical burns, altered taste, teeth stains and mouth ulcers.

Look for an Alkaline mouthwash if you intend on using it multiple times throughout the day or if you suffer from dry mouth symptoms due to ailments, medications or chemotherapy.

Another thing to consider when choosing a daily mouthwash are the artificial colors and dyes.  Although our teeth will not turn blue or green right away from mouthwash, our teeth are extremely porous and overtime can begin to stain and turn yellow as a result of what we eat, drink and swish with.  If you are trying to avoid staining, I would suggest AVOIDING the staining ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride, found in some mouthwashes.

Recommended Brands of Mouthwashes

Look for brands that are free of Alcohol, Sodium Benzoates, Artificial Sweeteners & Dyes


Jill's Homemade Mouthwash

1 TSP Xylitol

2 TSP Baking Soda

1/2 cup Distilled Water

*Optional-add essential oil of your choice and at your discretion


OTC Brand's

Brand pH
Therabreath Oral RInse 9.9
Listerine Whitening Vibrant White Pre-Brush Rinse 5.8
Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse 5.4
Scope Mouthwash 5.5
Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash 5.4
Chlorhexidine Alcohol-Free 5.1
Smart Mouth Mouthwash 4.4
Breath Rx Mouth Rinse 4.6
Listerine Zero 4.3
Listerine Antiseptic Mouth Rinse 4.2
Peroxyl Antiseptic Oral Cleanser 3.9
The Natural Dentist Anti-Gingivitis Rinse 3.3
Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Mouthwash 3.1


Brand pH
Carifree Maintenance Rinse 8.1
ACT Restoring Mouthwash 6.6
Smile Guard Orthodontic Brace Relief Rinse 6.1
Crest Pro Health Oral Rinse 4.7
Listerine Total Care Anticavitiy Mouthwash 3.5
Item pH
Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution 4.4
Sports Drinks ~3.3
Diet Soda ~3.2
Lemon Juice 2.2