Sonic toothbrushes are worth the investment — see the research cited below

I am often questioned about the efficacy of a manual toothbrush vs. an electric or sonic toothbrush.

I have seen the clinical results over the last 20 years and I agree with the studies,  A sonic toothbrush is the way to go.

Differences in sonic / electric / battery operated toothbrushes

  • Sonic Toothbrush:

    These brushes are capable of creating in excess of 30,000 brush-strokes-per-minute. They operate at a high frequency amplitude creating a dynamic cleaning action that drives fluids deep into the tight spaces between your teeth and along the gum line, which results in a cleaner, healthier mouth.

  • Electric Toothbrush:

    Typically operate at frequencies ranging between 2,500 and 7,500 strokes-per-minute.

  • Battery-Powered Toothbrush:

    These use a AA battery to make the bristles vibrate a little, thus providing some extra cleaning.

Recommended Toothbrush:

Sonicare for Kids

Kids love them!

Sonicare made by Philips

I firmly believe in the use of a toothbrush with sonic technology.  There are several brands out there.  I prefer Sonicare over the other brands for 2 reasons.  I prefer the shape of their brush head (compact and rectangular) and they have a 2 year warranty on their product.  Choosing a model can be overwhelming.

I generally tell people to buy whatever model feels the most ergonomic in their hand.  Some handles may be heavier or thicker than others.  Often you can find an outdated or older model on sale.  These work every bit as well as the newest top of the line model, minus some bells and whistles.  The average price ranges around $70-$215.  It is definitely an investment well spent as we all know that our oral health is directly related to our overall health.

Options for Kids

Sonicare also makes an electric toothbrush specifically designed for kids over 4 years of age. It has some neat features like the KidTimer and KidPacer.  The KidTimer increases brushing time slowly over 90 days, building towards 2 minutes.  Let’s be honest, kids are not that great about brushing regularly or correctly, a Sonic brush can help with that.  The KidPacer uses musical tones and fun sounds to help kids brush the front and back of their teeth.  It also has 2 Kid-friendly Brushing Modes that adapt to different ages providing a gentle cleaning.  There is a low mode for ages 4 and up and high mode for ages 7 and older.