Dry Mouth

Saliva is the body’s personal defense weapon against decay.  It serves several functions, one of which is to protect the teeth from the constant assault attacks of detrimental bacteria and a poor diet.  Without sufficient amounts of saliva, teeth are left vulnerable and unprotected.  Too many people suffer from reduced salivary flow, and what may seem like a slight inconvenience could actually reap major consequences to your dental health.

Dry mouth is an unfortunate side effect from medications, cancer therapy, Sjorgen’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, nerve damage, smoking, snoring and mouth breathing just to name a few.  Please speak with your dental team so that they can help formulate a daily dental health treatment plan for you.

In addition, most prescription and OTC medications come attached with the side effect of dry mouth or xerostomia.  Unfortunately, many people unknowingly overlook this impactful side effect and fail to inform their healthcare providers of their current medications.  Saliva helps to buffer the oral pH of the mouth and fight decay among other functions.  If you are functioning at even a 25% reduction in your saliva flow, that can mean a higher decay rate for you.

Always inform your dental team of your current medications so that they can help treatment plan a course of action for you to help prevent decay.


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  • Xylimelts
  • Xyla Mints
  • Epic Xylitol Gum