Sorry, but Reflective Smiles is no longer open to new clients.

To find a licensed therapist near you, see the IAOM Members List or the AOMT Directory.

Initial Consultation Online:  $140

  • Review health, injury, and sleep histories.
  • Assess tongue function.
  • Assess tongue posture, elevation and suction.
  • Assess breathing, chewing and swallowing.
  • Documentation of intra & extra oral findings.
  • Refer to other healthcare professionals as needed.

Therapy Kit (includes shipping cost): $150

This is a one-time fee per patient.

Sessions: $150 (approximately 30 minutes)

  • Measure progress
  • Learn new exercises
  • Work on areas that need more attention
  • Take photos
  • Fine tune & motivate


Unfortunately, insurance can not be accepted.  Billing will be done through PayPal (credit card payment accepted) and is due upon receipt.  Please contact me if you have additional concerns or special circumstances.